The Ujayalo Nepal (Bright Nepal in English) is a non -governmental, non- profit, grass-root level and service-oriented organization established in 2008 by efforts of like-minded conservation oriented and socially recognized group of people in Bardia. It has over 30 general members and the steering committee of 7 members. Currently, Ujayalo Nepal has 7 full time and part-time staff. It is working in the field of wildlife conservation, community engagements, community education, and community empowerment programs.

The organization is currently working in Banke, Bardia, Kailali, and Kanchanpur districts. The head office of Ujayalo Nepal is located at Thakurbaba Municipality -2, Bhurigaon and the contact office is located at Thakurbaba Municipality -9 Thakurdwara, Wildlife Villa.


A world where humans and wildlife co-exist in harmony and both people and wildlife are equally valued.


Create a self-sustained community through human-wildlife co-existence, nature-based tourism, enhanced capacities, and employment at the local level.


To strengthen human-wildlife co-existence through community awareness, community capacity building, employment, and human-wildlife conflict mitigation measures.


  • Strengthen community awareness of wildlife conservation and human-wildlife co-existence.
  • Local capacity building for nature-based tourism, sustainable development and nature conservation.
  • Build capacity of local youths on human-wildlife conflict management, entrepreneurship development, and income generations.
  • To control poaching and illegal trade of wildlife.
  • Develop local solutions to create human-wildlife co-existence environment