Five killed in tiger attacks in 7 months

Nepalgunj, November 7

Five persons have lost their lives in the past seven months following tiger attacks in Bardiya.

Mangare Tharu, 45, of Thakurbaba Municipality was killed after a tiger attacked him at Bardiya National Park on November 5. Tharu had been working in the park as a mahout for the past 22 years.

Likewise, a tiger attacked Ram Kali Shahi, 56, of Geruwa Rural Municipality and killed her on August 25. Tiger had also attacked Pahariya Tharu, 70, of Thakurbaba Municipality and killed her on October 2. Ganga Salami, 40, of Basgadhi Municipality also died on September 1. Chandra Bahadur Shahi, 71, of Badaiyataal Rural Municipality also died of tiger attack on April 16.

Locals have been living in fear with tigers claiming lives in Bardiya of late. Officials said public security has been threatened after tigers from Bardiya National Park began to attack people by entering human settlements. They said the tigers entered settlements in search of food as the park lacked sufficient food for the wild cats.

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