About Chairman

Ujalo Nepal is headed by Ramesh Kumar Thapa who has close to four decades of experience working in the wildlife conservation sector in Nepal.

The bulk of Ramesh’s  career has been spent in western Nepal facing the challenges of human – wildlife conflict and the poaching of wildlife.  Ramesh’s efforts in building understanding by communities of the importance of wildlife conservation, particularly in the important tiger landscape of Bardia National Park, have received international recognition.  It can safely be said that the significant population rise in the tiger population in Bardia is very much connected to Ramesh’s work through the years as a game scout, ranger and officer including time as Chief Warden.

Ramesh’s chief strength is the ability to build positive relationships between the appropriate stakeholders in the challenging domain where humans and wildlife coexist.  Communities affected by these challenges are where Ramesh and Ujalo Nepal are putting particular emphasis with programs being established to mitigate human – wildlife conflict and to enable improved capacity so that coexistence is improved.

Through 2019 and beyond this website will bring information of the work of Ujalo Nepal building a bright new future for the people and wildlife of Nepal, a nation facing its environmental and social challenges as it develops in one of the most important bio zones on earth.